Please fill in the consultation form online according to the following tips. The remote diagnosis cannot replace a final doctor's diagnosis, so it's for reference only. The diagnosis is made by computering technique combined with manually scrutinzed by our specialist, we will give an electronic report/suggestion in 24 hours based upon the data you provide. The consultation fee is 10 Euro/time, we appreciate your kind support to make the system better.




According to the disease in different parts as shown in the map below, select corresponding system (multiple selection available).


Organ system.png

N system: "N" stands for the "nerve", including disease on the head, spine and nerve system, such as headache, migraine, stroke, or some diseases on the surface of head such as eye, ear, nose, mouth and tooth problems.

B system: "B" stands for the "breath", representing the lungs(respiratory) system. Any symptoms coming from lung, trachea and bronchial,or skin problems should be included in this system.

C system: "C" stands for the "circulation", representing the heart, circulation and blood system.

D system:

E system:

F system:

G system:

S system: