Welcome to Amedicin, the professional healthcare provider. Amedicin was founded in Sweden since 2011. In the years of dedicated work on healthcare for mankind, including education, clinical service, products of health promotion, modern computering techniques in medicine, and a joint consultation mode for refractory diseases, we have established an effective medical mode for healthcare by absorbing the excellent ingredients of existing medical systems (both traditional and medoren), we therefore call this mode "the third medicine", since it is standalone with unique concepts of health, healthcare, medical mode, classification of existing systems, treatment principles, etc.. This website is where you start your health management and promotion and disease handling "all in one".

The third medicine creates its own system based on the present knowledge we have, but adds mumerous new concepts and methods in it, even the philosophy of life and the world, the reason is that many diseases are not merely diseases from the body itself, but from the life experience, the world events, climate changes, and so on. We are not independent individuals, but the ones connected to everything. From this view, the third medicine takes care of everything inside and around us in the name of healthcare.

A healthy body is not merely free of disease, but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being1. And this is not a static state, but dynamic vibration around a healthy baseline and its range (as shown in the Figure left below). In our life, nobody can be free of disease or infirmity, but in general they have controllable changes in the range of health and occassionally they may get out of the range but are easy to get back. On the contrary, people who have uncontrollable deviation from the baseline, even out of the "health range" for a considerable time is defined as "disease".

Health and disease.png It is satisfying to have this healthy state, but how to? We should consider: 1. Health is not an absolute concept. People in healthy state might have subhealth (infirmity) or disease soon. So, "health reservation" or "health promotion" is a life long work, for everyone. 2. Subhealth is a much better chance than disease for recovery to health state. The reason is the subhealth state is not far deviation from the health baseline and health range, so it's easy to handle for both the surferer and the healthcare provider. 3. Any disase is a severe deviation away from "health range", but when we find the correct way, we can by fine work to get it back. The most important thing is to find out the "soluton code" somehow like the key code of a door, only by which we can get the health back.

The third medicine, which was proposed by the Chinese doctor, Prof. Weiwu WANG, is not a simple integration of modern medicine and traditional medicine. It is a rebuild of medical system based on the existig traditional and modern medicine but considerably different. In the third medicine, three values (health, subhealth and disease) are broadly discussed as shown in figure the right below. In the third medicine, the whole organ systems of our body are considered to be eight: N, S, B to G, view details here.Basic mode of the third medicine2.png

The third medicine is incomplete, it's still in development, but we are confident since it is "standing on the shoulders of giants", and it has been demonstrated clinically for years in our practice. We appreciate all the respectable work achieved in the past centruries in traditional and modern medicine.

The founder Weiwu WANG, M.D., PhD., MGH, has studies both Chinese medicine and modern medicine for years. He graduated from China Academy of Chinese medical Sciences (CACMS, China) and Karolinska Institute (KI, Sweden) successively. By years' study and practice, he realized the present medical system have so much defects to deal with health and health related problems. By broadly exploration on both medical systems, even philosophy and artificial intelligence, he deconstructed the present medical systems and reassembled them in a completely different way. The main points are: 1.Merge the edge of health, subhealth and disease. It fulfills the real states people have since for healthy people may fall into disease suddenly and vice versa, so it's important to discuss "status" more than a "disease". The status is in constant changes, so we should put a "time" parameter to the definition of a certain status, and we need to consider the principles that how the body change among them. 2.Consider "function" and "structure"at the same time. The modern medicine is extremely relies on anatomy, but actually, anatomy is just a map of "static" structure of the body since most of its data are gotten from corpse. For active body, it has the anatomy-based functions. For a disease development, it usually starts from functional changes, gradually affect the structure. In an advanced stage of a disease, it may have both structural changes and functional disorder. 3. Consider the "relationship" among everything related to health. We previously more or less neglect the broad relationships between human body and enviroment, human body and climate, human body and society, human body and spiritual world, connections among organs, etc., so what we described before was not a whole picture of the body, but just one or two pieces. This is far from the truth. We need to put the body into a whole picture and describe it in the background. 4. Integrate all the excellent treatment ways. In the third medicine, we do not think wheather this is a traditional treatment or modern treatment, the only thing we consider is to take the best treatment which has been braodly demonstrated, and throw others away. 5. Rebuild the evaluation system. The previous big example-based clinical epidemiologic studies have revealed a lot of truth but also have defect. The most controversial thing is, does an epidemiologically tested way be really the best way? Epidemiological study more or less restrict the possibility to find some new effective methods quickly. An big example based study, from the beginning to get the results usually takes years. And it may finally not really be applied for people. So, why not we build a more natural way to evaluate a certain treatment and possibly scientists can find clue quickly? In the third medicine, we have had some other ways ....Many more are discussed in Prof. Wang's new book "Introduction to the third medicine". Weiwu right now serves as a professor in Hunan University of Chinese medicine, vice chairman of emergency medicice committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS), Member of Evidence Based Medicine Committe of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine,  Member of Internal Medicine Committee of Hunan Province, Board director of Journal Digital Chinese Medicine, Group leader of National TCM Journal standardization, etc.

"Do our best, benefit the most", that's our forever motto.


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We are who widely appreciated as the "best doctors" in China and worldwide. We hold the concept of propagate the third medicine to benefit more people. All the doctors in Hall of fames are at least M.D.,(PhD.) holder with the title of Professor or above, some of them have both traditional and modern medicine background.

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Education, artificial intelligent technologies for diagnosis and treatment, medical products and techniques development under the instruction of the third medicine, "joint consultation" mode for refractory diseases, health management, etc. Anything health related are in our service.

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